Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Little Saturday Night Music

Dusty Springfield - I Only Want to be With You (1964)


  1. "This video has been removed....bla bla bla".

    I'm hating this; happens all the time in my own blog. I understand the publishing concerns about copyright,but the sound quality of these vids aren't exactly "keeper" quality, y'know?

    The music industry is shooting themselves in the foot on this stuff. I bet that I've stumbled across at least a dozen vids of tunes on YouTube and decided I'd go buy the album or d/l the mp3 from Amazon.

  2. I found another copy. I'm with you, Mike! This song is 45 years old. I imagine a lot of people today have never heard of Dusty Springfield but might like to hear more of her if they only knew!


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