Friday, January 15, 2010

"Massachusetts Miracle"

Awesome video! Go Scott!

It's funny! "Massachusetts Miracle" was once used to describe what Michael Dukakis had done as governor there. When "hard hitting" news anchor Dan Rather interviewed Dukakis shortly before the election, the first question he asked, was the softball:
"Tell us about the Massachusetts Miracle"?

I think the first question he asked George H.W. Bush the next night was something like "When did you stop beating your wife?" The blatant unequal treatment fired up Bush 41, who held his own against Rather and perhaps, helped convince the electorate that Bush was the better candidate than Dukakis. See? It wasn't just Bush 43 that Rather had it out for!

Scott Brown has a chance at an upset win next Tuesday. Last poll shows him up by four points. If you can't pray for him, then at least hold pleasant thoughts!

H/T Weasel Zippers


  1. Love that video, saw it yesterday on a site, but its one I could watch again and again. When Scott wins the earthquake felt in Washington could equal that in Haiti and the shock wave will be felt all the way to the once "Golden State".

  2. WHT: Thanks! You, too!

    RR: From your lips to God's ears! Or as I like to say, From your keyboard to God's email!

  3. This would be the change I'VE been hoping for!

  4. I just keep wondering what kind ofr dirty trick the Dems will spring on Monday night, ala October Surprise?


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