Monday, January 18, 2010

Moderate Dems Besieged by Trolls

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Hillbuzz on unhinged liberals:

You know you are getting to these Kossacks and when they come after you.

That means you are on to something, and they are afraid, so they throw everything they have at you to scare you into shutting up and running away.

After two years of this abuse heaped on us, it barely registers anymore. Not even when they cross a line and start attacking us personally, in our personal lives, the way some of them did yesterday. What may have scared us a few years ago instead just makes us get on a phone to a lawyer to begin procedures against these would-be bullies.

It is absolutely no fun standing up to Alinksy Methods and radical tactics. It is hard, hard work. You will be maligned for standing your ground. You will be personally attacked by these nuts if you are successful and they see you as some sort of threat. Somewhere, perhaps even originated at the White House itself, hit lists are made for distribution to the current president’s armies of trolls, orcs, and goblins, telling them whom to harass each week.

Michelle Malkin gets this. Glenn Beck gets it. Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Erik Erikson, Dennis Miller, and anyone else challenging the Left gets it.

We are in the very strange position now, as moderate Democrats, to be on the receiving end of this garbage ourselves, joining other PUMA*s out there who’ve been targeted by the nutroots for refusing to be silenced as we watch Liberals on the far left destroy what used to be the Democrat Party.

And here, I thought they saved all their vitriol for the Right!

*Party Unity My Arse! (or something like that!)

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  1. The trolls are completely out of control. I've yet to see anything like this.

    They're making up atrocious lies.


  2. Had one the other day that tried to tell the whopper that Brown was in bed with the SEIU, because some of the rank and file members were pictured with Brown signs.

    (Meanwhile, of course, the Brown campaign is suing the SEIU for illegal campaign support for Coakley using state time and resources.)

  3. I love it! The jig is up and the criminal gang is turning on its own.


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