Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blow Up over Sex Dolls

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Gentlemen prefer blondes. I prefer someone who can fog a mirror!

In the running for the strangest story out of southern California lately:

A Valley Center man must pay nearly $300,000 to his former employer after breaking away to start his own love-doll company, a Vista Superior Court jury decided Wednesday.

A stiff penalty! Hmm. Wonder if he had an inflated view of his worth to the company?

I wonder if they make a shorter model for diminutive men? As in "Put another Barbie™ on the shrimp"?

Jurors got a good laugh out of Yvette and two other dolls that joined them in the jury room during deliberations.
Joined them??? Next ACORN will register them to vote!!! Heh.

H/T Daily Caller


  1. You want me to skirt the issue of sex doll manufacturing?

    I never even hinted that the owners put a lot of themselves into their products! Eeeew!

  2. After that last line and the post with the Obama doll...I just have this weird feeling that I want to go take a shower or something.

  3. I'm with you. That is to say, I'm not with you, but you remember that old saying about saving water, don't you? ; )


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