Thursday, January 17, 2013

White House: “Repugnant and Cowardly”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic use children as props in a political discussion.

Oh, wait! They were talking about the NRA, not DJ Barry! But, which side of their mouth were they talking out of? The most common bleat is that the NRA "attacked" Obama's daughters. So, just in case you are one of the two people on the planet who did not see it before, here it is again:

Now, I always though I knew what the word "attack" meant. Refresh my memory...did anyone call Obama's daughters "stupid", or "ugly"...or did they call them anything at all? Seems to me, the NRA only pointed out some inconvenient truths about their father!*

Why does the White House find it repugnant and cowardly for the NRA to compare the safety of the schools the children of the president attend with those of the rest of America, but not find it cowardly and repugnant when the president surrounds himself with children as political props for his press conferences? (Nice politically correct gender/ethnic mix there, too!)

The NRA should have perhaps gone a little farther in their ad than they did. Sidwell Friends is indeed a school for the children of elitists. Had Obama elected to send his daughters to the failing DC public schools (more about them later), they still would have received Secret Service protection. No one is denying them that. But, I have been lead to believe that beyond that, Sidwell Friends has their own "Resource Officers" armed to protect the offspring of the rich and powerful.

Obama is an elitist, even more so, considering that when he took office, there was a voucher program in Washington D.C., a scholarship set up to get poor and underprivileged black children of of the failing DC public schools and into better private ones. (Not a good as Sidwell Friends, but then, what is?) Obama, in a nod to his public school union buddies defunded the voucher program for poor black children in the district, while his own children attend the finest school around, funded with the tax dollars that pay his salary.

Repugnant and cowardly? To use children constantly as political props? To deny poor children the chance to get out of failing schools, just to pay off a political constituency? Yes and yes.

As is often said, if you want to know what a liberal is guilty of, just look at what he accuses his opponent of doing. And Jay Carney knows his boss better than anyone.

*This is not a new technique for Democrats. When Governor Jerry Brown was running for re-election back in the '70s, he debated Evelle Younger, who at one point in the debate, turned aside to Governor Moonbeam's parents who were seated in the auditorium, and said to his mom, "With all due respect to you, Mrs. Brown, your son is a lousy governor." The next day, on a KFBK radio interview, Brown complained that Younger "attacked my mother" during the debate.


  1. Shades of Hitler and the Hitler Youth.

    1. Reminds me a little of sitcom diversity - a Hispanic girl, black boy, white boy, white girl...all so as not to offend any one group. I'm surprised they couldn't find an Asian kid who wrote a letter. Would have photographed better.

  2. In a liberal Utopia only they will have the guns. This is just a further move in that direction.

    I'm a proud member of the NRA.

    1. They were doing land office business at the Bass Pro shop down in Manteca the other day, and the NRA had a table set up just off to one side of the gun counter. Lot of people stopping to talk, too.


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