Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sex in Advertising: Ladies! A Little Help Please?

Let me preface this post by saying that given a fairly good eye for composition, and a certain way with words, I toyed briefly with the idea of going into advertising at one time. And I still enjoy seeing what makes a good ad work, how they're put together, and so forth, but this one has me a bit stumped. I'm not even sure I have its scent.

I was reading my dead tree paper this AM when I came across this picture, which I have cropped to hide the product. Can you at first glance even tell what they are trying to sell?

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Now, aside from the man having two heads (BTW, is this how all you ladies see us?), the man is sipping through straws, with both heads, from a fruity drink, in which he is joined by a woman obviously attracted to him. My first question is, is the attraction of the deodorant, body spray, etc., sufficient to overcome the fact that he is brandishing a drink better suited for a gay bar* or a retirement cruise where you no longer give a darn what people drink? Oh, and the fact that he also has two heads, one of which is, quite literally, an animal?

Another ad features a different scent, represented by a hawk.

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Is the ad designed to be a joke, parodying the "manliness" or "animal attraction" promised by purveyors of other such products? And if it is a joke, to whom is it aimed? The man, or the woman?

Not being a lady, much less a woman, I cannot see the attraction in making out with someone who could be gently nibbling on one ear while ripping the flesh from the other! And if I may ask a second question, where would they even put the buttons on his shirt??** Would there be a bib over the space between their necks that would button on both sides?? Inquiring minds want to know! Where can one even buy a shirt like that? And what kind of discussion must go on between heads as to not only which tie to wear, but, should they match???

Now the part of the ad I do understand is aimed at the male: Smell like this if you want to attract this sort of woman...
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That comes across loud and clear. The rest? Not so much! So, if you have any insight to the thought process of the female mind (always welcome!), or the inspiration (or perspiration) behind this ad, please let us know. And finally, does it work?

Gents, would you be more or less inclined to try this product? Ladies, would you be more or less inclined to buy this for your significant other?

*Yes. I know it's a horrible stereotype. Also, feel free to give us your insight as to whether you would be more attracted to another male, or inclined to use this product to attract one, because of this ad?

**Upon closer examination of the second ad, with the bow ties, there do indeed seem to be one set of buttons in line with each collar. Upon further contemplation, would dry cleaning become a problem if you wanted one collar starched and the other no starch? Would a dry cleaner have the equipment to iron a two collared shirt?? Would this part of the ad be off putting to dry cleaners???

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