Friday, May 20, 2016

Captain America - Civil War

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Saw "Captain America - Civil War" yesterday. Don't want to do a full fledged review, as it would contain many spoilers and I wouldn't want to diminish the film's appeal if you haven't seen it yet. I saw it in 3D, which is a far cry from the 3D films of my youth, and liked it. While several people mistook me for Clark Kent, in the glasses, the theater was relatively empty (on a Thursday afternoon), so there were no squalling rugrats to detract from the experience.

If you are a fan of the comic book movie genre, I highly recommend it. It stayed pretty true to its Marvel Universe roots. Without giving away a whole lot, Aunt May was much younger and hotter than she's ever been!

I'm typically not fond of CGI fight scenes, where one CGI creature battles another, in blurry, blinding speed, you have to sit through to get to the next plot point. Civil War uses a great deal of CGI, but it is blended with the live action to keep your attention on the characters and the story line rather than the techniques.

The "Civil War" is brought about by politicians appalled at the amount of collateral damage that sometimes (often) occurs when superheroes save the world from super villains. So the UN (Yea, bureaucrats!) draws up a set of laws that will put them under UN supervision. Not all of the Avengers agree. It is a parable, perhaps, of how two or more people can see the same set of facts and draw entirely different conclusions from them. Neither side becomes "evil" in that they sign or don't sign. Captain America isn't "throwing a tantrum" because he doesn't sign. He's just guided by a different set of principles.

If you saw the movie and want to discuss it, I may drop some spoilers in the comments, so Spoiler alert! Don't read the comments if you don't want to know.

And, by the way... fire the Fed Ex guy!


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