Sunday, October 1, 2017

NFL Players: We Should Eliminate Black History Month

Just for the record they haven't actually come out and said that...yet, but I think it's the logical conclusion to their protest. Follow along with me: Colin Kaepernick and his Merry Band of Disrespecters say that the American flag represents oppression, particularly to blacks, as does our National Anthem. Fine.

Liberals tell us we need to tear down statues of Confederate soldiers, and the Founding Fathers who held slaves, and hell, throw in Christopher Columbus, because if he hadn't come here in the first place, America never would have happened! So, to celebrate the innovations and inventions and contributions to America, are you not simply contributing to the problem? Therefore, how embarrassing it must be to blacks to portray their fellows as contributing to the advancement of America and its people? Best just to pretend it never happened, like the rest of history that needs erasing.

We have some precedent for this. There is an African American wing of the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. that ignores the contributions of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Influential black contributing to the good of the country? Gone! Not a trace. Justice Thomas can be the forerunner of erasing black history from the history of the evil, oppressive United States. The one that made millionaires out of the majority of black players in the NFL. Who hold a majority of the positions in the NFL.

I mean, you really can't have it both ways! Can you?

(Removes tongue from cheek.)

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