Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cognitive Dissonance, the Liberal Alternative to Hypocrisy!

cognitive dissonance
n. Psychology
A condition of conflict or anxiety resulting from inconsistency between one’s beliefs and one’s actions, such as opposing the slaughter of animals and eating meat. -American Heritage Dictionary

Because hypocrisy is so overused these days, and most liberals don’t feel that they’re hypocrites, because hypocrisy is bad and their liberal educators have so reinforced their positive self image, that the charge of hypocrisy runs off them like…well, like water off an endangered turtle’s shell!

You see, Liberals are all about group politics. The Democratic party is an amalgam of disaffected minority groups: blacks, gays, unions, environmentalist wackos, Communists, socialists, feminists (or the dreaded, Black, Gay, Communists, Feminist Union!). In fact, in order to obtain power, this loose coalition of sometimes conflicting interests compromises its otherwise inviolable and “sacred” principles all the time!

The current Obama/Clinton illustrates a bit of cognitive dissonance. The usual meme for a Clinton presidential bid would be “Vote for Hillary, or you’re a misogynist!” This conflicts with the “Vote for Obama, or you’re a latent racist!”. And since Democrats feel that they are neither, they’re conflicted.

Presently, the Palestinians, darlings of the left in the Palestinian/ Israeli conflict are not content to merely fire rockets at innocent women and children, but are stooping so low as to kill endangered species!
Still deafening silence from the Left! I’m sure that if an Israeli contractor merely threatened the habitat of some endangered species to, say, build homes, the Left would have a cow (sacred, no doubt) and line up in protest. But, butcher an endangered species and drink its blood??? And it’s: “Hmmm! What’s on PBS tonight?”

Similarly, when Saddam Hussein destroyed 8,000-square-miles of wetlands, one of the world’s largest wetlands, liberal environmentalists were virtually silent. When George Bush sent the Army Corp of Engineers in to restore as much of the wetlands as humanly possible, guess who was silent? Hypocri…er…cognitive dissonants!

Similarly, when Bush liberated people from regimes that tortured, suppressed and killed women and homosexuals, cognitive dissonance prohibited your garden variety liberal from ever acknowledging any accomplishment from a conservative. Where would the political advantage be in that?

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Update: Here's a post from Little Green Footballs about the "nasty" Israelis trying to save said endangered species! Expect further silence from the libs!

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