Monday, September 27, 2021

Quote du jour

“I think everyone has horribly misunderstood me: I’m totally pro-choice. As long as the unborn babies are given AR-15’s to defend themselves, I’m fine with you going in there.”

- Josh Denny

Sunday, September 26, 2021

A Little Sunday Night Music

The Master Has Come - The Masters Chorale

Quote du jour

The quickening of life does not come from men: it is the prerogative of God, and it is due to His sovereign will alone, whether or not the tide of religious life rise high in one century and run to a low ebb in the next. . . . Unless God send forth His Spirit, there will be no turn, and fearfully rapid will be the descent of the waters. But do you remember the Aeolian Harp, which men were wont to place outside their encasement, that the breeze might wake its music into life. Until the wind blew, the harp remained silent, while, again even though the wind arose, if the harp did not lie in readiness, a rustling of the breeze might be heard, but not a single note of ethereal music delighted the ear. Now, let Calvinism be nothing but such in an Aeolian Harp—absolutely powerless, as it is, without the quickening Spirit of God—still we feel it our God-given duty to keep our harp, its strings tuned aright, ready in the window of God’s Holy Zion, awaiting the breath of the Spirit.

- Abraham Kuyper

Saturday, September 25, 2021

A Little Saturday Night Music

We Won't Be Back Tomorrow - David Perry

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John Kerry's Heinz ketchup heiress wife has millions of dollars in Chinese investments, leaving Biden's climate change envoy facing an ethical dilemma as he regularly meets with the country's top leaders to cut deals
10,000 Unnecessary Cancer Deaths Linked to COVID-19 Pandemic, Lockdown in UK: Report - Evidence suggests every month treatment is delayed can increase risk of early death by 7%
FL Acquires Monoclonal Antibodies From GlaxoSmithKline After Biden Administration Rationing

Feel Good Friday
Harvard Researcher: About Half of New Gun Owners are Women
More than 500 health care workers from several hospitals choose to quit rather than be forced to get Covid-19 vaccinations - Sharyl Attkisson
12 Things You Need To Know About Gun Violence

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