Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Hand Full of Gimme and a Mouth Full of Thank You Much!

It's an old Southern expression used to describe someone who is always taking, taking, taking, and then giving token "thanks" that are belied by the fact that there is never reciprocity. The taker never gives, he only has a mouthful of "thank yous", and you doubt their sincerity.

I keep that image in front of me whenever I fear I'm not being truly grateful for that which is generously given to me! I never want to be that guy! Tonight, I want to give thanks to a dear lady who's only visited here a couple times, but has graciously listed me on her blog roll, but not just listed, she gave me a nice compliment as well. She posted my blog under:
Blogger Friends Worth Reading
Worth reading? Wow! She'll turn my pretty head! : ) Anyway, thank you dear Lady Cincinnatus for the kind words! I'll try to live up to them! For the rest of you, Lady Cincinnatus has some really good stuff up on her site. Stop by and see what started the mutual admiration society! : )

PS I would have posted the thank you up on her site, but I couldn't figure out where to put it where it wouldn't be off topic, and we all know how gauche that is!

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  1. "Mutual Admiration Society" Hey, I like that better than Blogger Friends worth reading. :) Thanks for the post in my honor, but your writing/commentary is certainly worth reading and recommending.


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