Monday, April 21, 2008

"My experience : McCain's Anger Always Has a Purpose"

Former Senator Bob Kerrey, the one who remarked what a "remarkably good liar" Bill Clinton was, is irritating fellow Democrats once again.
This time, he's spoken up about his role in a dust up involving John McCain and Iowa Senator Charles Grassley back in 1992.
Grassley asserted that Bob Kerrey had to intervene to keep McCain from becoming physical. Kerrey asserts (as related in Politico):
"First, I did nothing to intervene; the two Senators worked it out on their own," Second, the subject of the debate - the status of Americans held as prisoner in Vietnam - was one that always provoked violent, ugly debates."

The two senators were both "extremely angry," Kerrey adds, but McCain was "at no time threatening."

Kerrey, a Democrat and Hillary Clinton backer, concludes: "My experience is that [McCain's] anger always has a purpose and in this case the purpose was to defeat Senator Grassley's argument which he did decisively."

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