Monday, April 28, 2008

No Apology From the Wrong "Reverend" Wright

A lot of smug condescension, though. He justifies his condemnation in part, by likening himself to Jesus, quoting Jesus' use of the term "viper's brood", as if both he and the Son of God had the same discernment towards pronouncing God's judgment!

He also equates the lack of an apology for slavery (by which, I guess he means reparations) with slavery itself. He speaks in condemnatory terms, as though slavery still exists in the US, because a people who have never owned slaves have not made whatever apology Rev. Wright sees fit. If Jeremiah Wright wants to see the viper's brood, he might find a good mirror! Jesus condemned the hypocritically religious Pharisees, not the politicians.
Wright fills the bill!

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