Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pinups for Vets

Something a little less political tonight...
Pinups for vets
Gina Elise has a website where you can donate pinup calendars to raise the morale of hospitalized veterans and active duty soldiers overseas. In her words:

People ask me all the time how the “Pin-Ups For Vets” calendar project came to be...

A few years ago, I started seeing news articles about under-funded Veterans’ healthcare programs. Then, there were stories about older Veterans who lay in bed day after day, never receiving any visitors. Reports started surfacing on TV about the severe injuries sustained by our troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The more I heard about the uphill battles of our Wounded Warriors, the more convinced I was of the need to produce a project that would bring in funds to support all of our hospitalized Veterans.

My late Grandpa Lou served in the army for 4 years during World War II. I wanted to do something to honor his name. I always loved the romance of those bygone eras - especially the 1940’s - and I drew inspiration from the World War II pin-up girls, whose photos and paintings boosted morale for our soldiers fighting overseas.

The site is PinUpsForVets.com

Please stop by and support Gina in her efforts if you can!

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