Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Got Monkey?

In yet another chapter of "It doesn't matter to me what you say he believes or does or values", here's a follow up to the Barack's Lucky Charms story:

NEW DELHI: With Democrat senator Barack Obama busy in the run-up to the US presidential polls, a group of well-wishers in the capital have decided to send him a symbol of his lucky charm, Lord Hanuman, to help him emerge victorious. Obama's representative Carolyn Sauvage-Mar on Tuesday received a gold-plated two-feet-high idol which she will pass it on to the Obama after it is sanctified.

The idol is being presented to Obama as he is reported to be a Lord Hanuman devotee and carries with him a locket of the monkey god along with other good luck charms. An hour-long prayer meeting to sanctify the idol was earlier organised at Sankat Mochan Dham and by Congress leader Brijmohan Bhama, Balmiki Samaj and the temple's priests.
"Obama has deep faith in Lord Hanuman and that is why we are presenting an idol of Hanuman to him," said Bhama.

Okay...after they sanctify the idol, it's obviously too big for his pocket...where are you going to display your Monkey God idol, Barack? (Good thing this is no longer a Christian country, huh?)

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  1. I think B. Hussein needs to rethink his Hindu gods. Lord Hanuman's most famous act was leading a monkey army to fight the demon King Ravana. While I can see B. Hussein leading the monkey army, I mean he sort of is already. I can't seem him fighting a demon king. He'd just agree to a coffee klatch and photo op.


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