Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dead Tree Media Continues Downward Spiral

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Maybe that should be "No help wanted"?

If your company thought it could get along with less than half of its current employees, would you polish up your résumé?

Back in California, the Left-of-Center McClatchy newspapers are in trouble. The Sacramento Bee and its Fresno counterpart are offering voluntary buyouts to 55 % of their full time employees.
Fifty five percent! What kind of product will they be able to turn out if over half of their current staff takes early retirement?

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - The Sacramento Bee and The Fresno Bee offered voluntary buyouts to a majority of their full-time employees Monday in the latest round of cost-cutting at the newspapers.

Advertising revenue at McClatchy from its California and Florida newspapers has dropped 22 percent this year. NYT revenues have dropped 10%. Meanwhile, Rush renewed his contract for how much???

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  1. Sweet! But seriously, it's tough when your number one product--the communist agenda--just isn't marketable and doesn't sell anymore.


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