Thursday, August 28, 2008

More "Change" Biden Bringing to the Ticket

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"Hope and change"? How about "Hopelessly Mired in the Politics of the Past"?

USA Today under the heavily euphemized "intersection of interests":

DENVER — Sen. Joe Biden worked to defeat a bipartisan bill designed to curb asbestos lawsuits at a time his son's law firm was filing them in Delaware and a former aide was lobbying against the measure, according to public records and interviews.
Biden, a longtime ally of trial lawyers who serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee, opposed legislation that would have replaced thousands of lawsuits with a trust fund for asbestos victims. He proposed a series of amendments in 2003 and 2005 that backers of the bill viewed as "poison pills" designed to kill the bill, said Lawrence Fineran, a lobbyist who supported the measure.

Well! Joseph Hopey Change Biden works to defeat legislation based on how it affects trial lawyers in general and his son in particular!
That's certainly a change! /sarcasm

Obama sure can pick 'em!

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    Joseph Hopey Change Biden. Heh.


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