Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just Desserts - Moonbat Style!

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Berkeley tree huggers to be fined for illegal activities.

LGF points to the story at SF Gate:

Berkeley's infamous tree-sitters have been hit with a rude surprise since they came down to earth: Judges are socking them with thousands of dollars in fines and legal fees. Ironically, much of the money - which could total more than $10,000 per sitter - is going straight to the University of California, the very institution the tree-sitters were protesting as they tried to save a grove of trees outside Memorial Stadium.

Sounds to me they're getting off cheap when you consider the following:

...UC Berkeley estimates it spent more than $800,000 on police and other security measures during the 22 months sitters were up in the trees. The university spent $40,000 alone on the scaffolding that went up around the final tree during the last day of the protest this month.

Now, the school wants its pound of flesh. So far, most of the 15 to 20 protesters arrested in the past year have been hit with fines of about $100 for trespassing and little or no jail time.

Once they were back on the street, however, the university hauled them back into court on contempt charges for violating an order issued in October by Judge Richard Keller of Alameda County Superior Court that banned people from sitting in the trees or doing anything to help the protesters already up in the branches.

And finally, a little bit of irrefutable logic in the case:

Lawyers on both sides said the tree-sitters' chances of beating the contempt charges are slim.

As Cunningham noted, "You were either up in the trees or not. What's to argue?"

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  1. Got an email from a reader: I think it should be "just deserts" with one "s". That's because (if I recall correctly) it's derived from "to deserve."

    I was probably thinking of the spoiled "eat dessert first" attitude of the hippie protesters.

    Please feel free to call me on any thing great or small that doesn't pass the "smell" test! I only know of one perfect man, and as far as I know, He doesn't blog!


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