Friday, October 31, 2008

Scary Halloween Thoughts II

President Obama pardons Tony Rezko, and appoints him as new Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
He then appoints William Ayers as Secretary of Education,
Jeremiah Wright as new Senate chaplain,
John Murtha as Secretary of Veteran's Affairs,
Prof. Rashid Khalidi as Secretary of Defense,
and William "Dollar Bill" Jefferson as Secretary of the Treasury!

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(He's saving Michelle and Hillary for the Supreme Court!)

A couple of late appointments:

Bernadine Dohrn as Secretary of Health, Human Services and Bomb Making

and Barney Frank as Secretary of the Interior...Decorator!


  1. but, but, but, Proof....aren't presidential pardons part of an exit strategy put into action by a guilty executive that has previously held office like Bill "I was distracted with national policy, I don't know what that fat chick I wanted to bag did with my cigar" Clinton???? Huh? HUH?...Tell us more, we're thirsty for knowledge!!!

  2. "...aren't presidential pardons part of an exit strategy..."
    That's because a lot of Presidential pardons are so odious that the pardoner wants to be clear of the repercussions when the excrement hits the whirling blades!

    I'm thinking that Obama, with a majority in the House and Senate, would not hesitate to exhibit the naked display of power because he can!


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