Saturday, November 29, 2008

Deepak Chopra on the Mumbai Terrorists

"It is not enough for us to worry about Westerners being killed and Americans being killed...every life is precious..."

This is, to a certain extent, a straw man argument. I agree with John Donne, that every man's death diminishes me. But, from a standpoint of public policy, if it appeared that there were a large number of Jews, or Americans, or French, or Australians targeted that it could be considered an act of war, and thus is newsworthy to report. It seems that Chopra assumes the worst, perhaps that which fits his own narrow presuppositions, and then treats it as gospel.

"'s a global problem. We need a global solution..." Hence the term GWOT: Global war on terror. Where has this guy been for the last seven years?

Then the compassionate Deepak Chopra equates what our soldiers do to root out terror, by targeting terrorists, with the craven, spineless cowards who attack unarmed civilians:

"...our soldiers don't see what's happening and innocent people are being killed...
terrorism is a term you apply to the other."

Thank you for that despicable confession that you are unable to tell the difference between a terrorist and a soldier, even though one wears a uniform and follows a code of conduct and the other hides, sans uniform, amidst a civilian populace and wantonly and intentionally strikes out at unarmed and innocent targets of opportunity. If it wasn't for false equivalence, he'd have none at all!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, (and keeping this blog PG-13) I will NOT tell you what I think of Deepak Chopra.

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  1. Deepak Chopra, head pastor for the church of Oprah, can stick his inner peace where the sun don't shine.


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