Friday, November 28, 2008

On a Personal Note

I made the big announcement to family and friends over Thanksgiving dinner last night:
The International Headquarters of Proof Positive is relocating to California! Still have about 10,000 miles to cover over the next three weeks or so (7,500 by air).

I will be switching over to a new ISP, which won't put a wrinkle in delivering our regular features, but may limit my ability to add new stuff as I go along.

And, right about the Winter Solstice, the official posting clock will revert to Pacific Time. That means all you folks on the West Coast that used to peek at tomorrow's Quote du jour at 9:01, will now have to wait until tomorrow like the rest of us!

I know I have a set routine for following my favorite sites, so if this upsets yours, I apologize, but I live by the little clock in the lower r.h. corner, so it has to go where I go!

Once again, if posting is a little light for the next three weeks, you'll understand why. The quotes, the babes, the MoH honorees and some music are in the queue, but I may be sans Internet or a little too frazzled to add much more. But, one can always hope!

Speaking of hope, hope you had a grand Thanksgiving, that you survive Black Friday and score a few excellent bargains along the way. Thanks for stopping by. -Proof


  1. The heartland will miss you!!! Be careful out there in California and please don't start drinkin' the kool-aid! Heh.

  2. I shall refrain from eating tofu and taking myself too seriously! Heh.


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