Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Chambliss Wins in Georgia

One bright spot in the Coal in their stockings Christmas Republicans are having this year is Saxby Chambliss in GA. Incumbant US Senator Chambliss won his runoff election in Georgia yesterday, preventing the Democrats from winning a super majority, that is to say, one immune from minority party fillibusters.

On another front, Norm Coleman still leads Democrat buffoon Al Franken, despite all the "new" votes discovered since the polls have closed. In typical Sore Loserman fashion though, he intends to drag his loss through the courts in an attempt to overturn the will and wishes of the people he wants to represent.

(Did I say that with a straight face? If he wanted to represent the people, he would accede to their wishes. He's in it for the power. Plus, as funny as he is, he needs a day job!)

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