Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm Baaaaaaaaaack!

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Well, maybe not completely, but the last two weeks have been moving hell! I'd been packing like a mad monk for about a week, when I lost my ISP to the move a week ago Thursday. Packed a 28' moving van with 26' of precious and irreplaceable Early Salvation Army decor and boxes....LOTS of boxes, over the weekend.
Woke up Sunday morning with flu-like symptoms (which have now been downgraded to mere bronchitis) and wasn't able to finish packing the truck until about noon Wednesday. An hour and a half to clean the garage of three years of detritus, and it was into the alternate Proofmobile for a fun filled, 42 hour, 2650 mile jaunt across America.

I had decided to take the southern route, because Highway 80 through the Rockies in December wasn't something I wanted to risk, so I picked the snow filled southern route (This was the week it snowed in Vegas!) and I believe I saw snow in nearly every state I crossed. I wasn't conscious in a couple of them, so don't hold me to that!

On the road, I got a friendly reminder on my cell phone, that I had not activated my new DSL account, so after my first all night sleep in three days, I attempted to do so, only to find that I had a problem with my phone line. That was resolved around 11:00 PDT today, then, I had problems getting onto the servers to register my new account. Thanks to a very helpful tech support person named Candace at ATT, I am now back in the proverbial saddle. No chairs yet at Casa de Proof, I'm sprawled across a counter top in my kitchen at the moment.

So, I apologize for the light posting, it's not because I didn't want to be here for you, it's just near death from illness, near death from sleep deprivation while driving (I exaggerate!) and wishing for death in dealing with automated tech support numbers have kept me from my appointed rounds!

On a smaller technical note, this officially marks my move to Pacific Time on the postings. Those of you who enjoyed seeing the features three hours earlier will just have to wait. I apologize. Before, when I was on the West Coast, there were at least two sites I would check every night at 9:01 for new content, knowing they were on East Coast time. I will endeavor to make it worth the wait!

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