Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Barry and Michelle Face Financial Crisis

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Would you buy a used economy from this man?

Let's say there's a young couple in middle America...let's call them "Barry" and "Michelle". B & M live in a nice little cottage in suburbia, with two lovely young daughters, a pot bellied pig and a minivan that's almost paid for.

One day, Michelle comes in and tells Barry that the minivan needs all four tires, but their credit cards are nearly maxed out and there's not enough money in the checking or savings account to cover the cost.

Barry tells her not to worry, because even though she and both her daughters and the dog are in danger of dying in a fiery crash at any second, Barry has it covered!

He spoke to his banker (a fellow who claimed his children's summer camp as a business expense) and arranged a line of credit. Barry intends to get all four tires at once, as part of a package deal on the new Lamborghini he's always wanted!

"Michelle," says Barry, "we can't just do nothing!" "Besides, it's got a trailer hitch to pull the new bass boat we're buying. And we can store the boat just down the street from the country club we're joining. Oh, and I'll need some new golf clubs!"

So, dear reader: If you were "Michelle", would your response be:


"Hell, no!"

or "I hope that line of bull works out for you with your next wife!"

The folks who tell us we're in the mess we're in because of bloated government spending want to increase government spending, without scarcely a fig leaf that there's any economic "stimulus" involved, and want to create massive government programs that will continue to be fed long after this president goes back to Chicagoland. And our children and their children will be saddled with excessive debt, while this government prints money and sends the nation into an inflationary spiral.

The talking point from the president and his flying monkeys goes "We have to spend a trillion dollars. We can't just do nothing" As if the only two choices available are "Spend a trillion" and "Do nothing". And even if there were no nuanced choices between the two, some economists have said that even doing nothing would be better for the economy that incurring all that debt, that even doing nothing, the economy would fix itself in a year.

The only problem with doing that, is politicians can't take credit for doing "nothing".

What's wrong with this picture????

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  1. In America, Michelle's comment would be "I'm assuming there's enough money left over for my boob job!".


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