Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quote du jour

Well, and Pelosi is right. It is historic. It is probably the greatest abomination in American legislative history. It is not only the content here. The content which, as we know, including $8 billion for rapid transit which includes a pet project of Senator Reid of Nevada, which is a mag-lev monstrosity that connects Anaheim, Disneyland and Vegas, known as the "Fantasyland Express", exactly what the country needs in dire economic straits.

It is the process. I'm not sure any senator or member of the House has read it. Obama had come into office and promised a new way of doing business. It would be open, transparent, and there would be a comment, that the people would see it. In fact, it's been largely behind the closed doors. There is stuff in here that we'll discover tomorrow and the day after, after it's been passed and signed.

-Charles Krauthammer, on the stimulus bill

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