Friday, March 27, 2009

Free NRA Membership!

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The NRA is giving away one year memberships at no charge, to counter the increased threats to our Second Amendment rights. As a Life Member, I'd like to encourage every gun owner to join, or anyone who might ever want to be a gun owner to join.

The time is now!

The link is here: National Rifle Association

Hat tip Stop the ACLU


  1. For whatever reason, it is very odd that I - as a stauch conservative - never became a member of the NRA (even when I lived in the Midwest). I hate that I am waiting until it is free to do so, but I am doing it anyway and will contribute whatever I can. Perhaps that's their point - to get more people like me on board.

    It has worked.

    I'm in.

    Thanks, Proof!

  2. Good deal, Andrew! I think they're betting that once people are in and see all who they really are and the good things they do, that most people will see the value and stick around.


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