Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

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One year ago today, Proof Positive began as my modest attempt at solo blogging. On such an auspicious occasion, there should be cake! (Or at least a Hostess® Sno Ball®!)

After one year, thirteen hundred plus posts, twelve thousand plus visits from at least seventy-two countries around the globe (ET hasn't phoned home yet!), I do want to thank everyone who stops by here to see what's going on and those who visit for a while. I'd like to think that those of you who visit time and again, come back because something here resonates within you: a yearning for freedom, a love of one's country, a sense of justice and honor. Oh, and maybe an eye for the ladies and a good sense of humor as well! There's quite a lot at which we can only laugh... or cry!

So, if you've been amused, or entertained or enlightened along the way, it's been my pleasure! I appreciate your visits and your comments. For those who check in just to see when I run out of quotes or babes or big words...Sorry! you're just going to have to wait a bit longer! Heh.

As of a few days ago...
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April 6th was when Sitemeter started tracking traffic. December reflects the dearth of posting due to the big move from Ohio to California. (Having no ISP will do that to you!) Heh. The steady growth is a reflection of the loyalty and interest of you, my readers.
So, give yourselves a hand! (And thanks for all the fish, er...Sno Balls®!!) Heh.

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  1. Congratulations. Maybe your traffic continue to grow and grow!


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