Friday, May 22, 2009

Henry Waxman Doesn't Know What's in Bill With His Name on It!

For those of you still thinking about politics on the eve of this wonderful three day weekend (and shame on you!) Here's something to depress you about the competence of those we send to Washington:

Hat tip Suitably Flip


  1. Doesn't surprise me. The brain of the nostrilopitecus gigantes stopped developing about a hundred thousand years ago.

  2. I thought "HEH" too. Then I thought about what it takes to trim his nose hair. That's a job Americans won't do! A couple of undocumented workers with weed eaters and hedge trimmers working for less than the federally mandated minimum wage.

    Then, alas, I thought about what his daily coke bill must be and took pity upon him.

  3. If they guy would just grow a mustache, it might hide those nose hairs and buck teeth, but I digress having already commented about the developmental potential of the nostrilopithecus gigantes brain.


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