Friday, May 15, 2009

Military Cuts Equal Job Losses

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5,000 to 30,000 jobs lost.

KSDK -- Thousands of jobs could be in jeopardy at St. Louis' second largest employer: Boeing.

The aerospace company announced the government's planned defense budget cutbacks will slow production of two locally-built planes and eliminate the jobs of the employees who make them.

...The bottom line is Boeing needs to get through to President Obama, Congress and Secretary Gates. If not, they stand to lose more than 5,000 jobs at Boeing in St. Louis, and 30,000 total local jobs, including suppliers.

I guess elections have consequences. But for an administration more concerned with teaching Chinese hookers to drink responsibly than providing jobs for the heartland of America, no big deal, right? I mean, honestly! They're just a bunch of Red Staters! Probably voted for McCain!

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  1. If they close down all the car dealerships and the plane dealerships are next, then where will all that inventory go? Firesale? Freddy Mac low interest loan to the poor? Will we be redistributing cars and planes now that we're done doing it with GM and Chrysler and the banks?

  2. Unlike the car dealerships, when a defense contractor "cuts back", their employees must seek work wherever and with whomever they can find it. That talent and capacity could be lost if we found ourselves needing to ramp military expenditures back up in the case of new or renewed conflicts.


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