Saturday, June 13, 2009

Forget the "Ice Cold Blue of the Rockies", Bring On the Skinny Blondes!

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A NEW beer that promises to leave drinkers holding a naked woman before they finish the last drop has been labelled dangerous and sexist.

Health and women's groups called for Skinny Blonde beer to be banned.

And they want the Advertising Standards Bureau to investigate the provocative ad campaign.

Using modern ink technology, the low-carb beer label features a 1950s-style pin-up called Daisy, whose red bikini disappears as the beer level drops and the bottle warms up.

Ain't technology wonderful? I doubt this beer will ever make it to the states, but like those old ballpoint pens from the fifties,expect something similar as technophiles come up with strange and novel ways to express themselves!

Hat tip Jawa
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  1. Can they do this for girls? Hot Guy Beer? Heh.

  2. "Can they do this for girls? Hot Guy Beer?"

    I think you give a typical guy any beer and he'll take his shirt off for you if you ask him nicely! Heh.


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