Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some Days It Sucks to be Me!

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Today is one of those days! I have to fly to Hawaii for a couple of days...and I have to work! (I know! Poor baby!)

So posting might be a little light for the next couple days, as I waste perfectly good blogging time at 30,000 feet*!

There's a Friday Night Babe scheduled for tomorrow, at least a couple of good quotes, and I may drag myself away from the beach to let you know what's on my mind!

The sacrifices I make for you! Aloha!

*Update: It was actually 37,000 feet for you purists out there!


  1. I have to fly to Hawaii for a couple of days

    Say hi to Hannitized for us! ;)

  2. I thought, being so close here, I could just go over and kick his *ss.
    But, I've already scraped crap off my shoes once this week!

  3. Not to mention you don't want the reputation of beating up the handicapped!

  4. BTW, While you're there, slam a few mai tais then stagger around the beach for me. I think they'll remember. If anyone stops you and mentions an incident from 1999 just look at them with bewilderment.

  5. "just look at them with bewilderment."
    That's my best move! I did copy it from Hannitized, though! Heh.