Sunday, September 27, 2009

USA Today Poll: "Does the Second Amendment give individuals the right to bear arms?"

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  1. I'm just curious why this is even a question. Which part of "Shall not be abridged" is confusing? I'm a little frustrated that otherwise intelligent people keep thinking that the Bill of Rights is Multiple Choice.

    I am a moderate, yet I feel that this playing around with the latest emotional topic will come to no good. If the powers that be are successful in their disinformation campaign about guns supposedly going to Mexico (fyi - 83% of guns found in Mexico are NOT of US origin) and other gun issues, I fear one of the OTHER amendments will be next. Hitler started with their version of the 2nd, then went to Germany's version of the rest.

    People who say Hitler's Germany cannot happen here are not a lot different than those in 1930's Germany who said the same thing. "It can't happen here" is our greatest enemy.

    Many forget that the Amendments are there to protect us FOREVER. Not just for the next 4 years. Let's say you are happy with today's leaders... What if we start dismantling our Constitution and the next leader is one you detest and now fear? You will not be protected from that leader's actions because under the thrall of your favorite, you allowed - and maybe supported - despicable things to happen.

    This goes for both sides of the aisle. We allowed the Patriot Act to become law under Bush. Most of our Legislators and 99% of the population have NOT a SHRED of a CLUE about that document. Yet it threatens the very fabric of our country. And now we have Dem leaders trying to dismantle parts of the Bill of Rights with direct hits on the 2nd amendment.

    Both sides need to clean up their act. We need to support our Bill of Rights into perpetuity -- stop calling it a "Living Document" (which, IMHO, will make it a "Living Will") and we need to actively re-visit the Patriot Act and make sure it has not put us in peril rather than protecting us.

    I am tired of the divisive politics coming out of Washington. The leaks, the feeds to the various sides, the innuendo and outright lies have got to stop.

    Stop listening to pundits. Get the facts. Don't believe headlines. Think for yourself. We need you. Our country depends on everyone using Critical Thinking!

  2. "I'm just curious why this is even a question."
    It's a question because those who want to take away your Second Amendment rights (possibly as a prelude to taking away some others), never tire in trying to erode your freedom one compromise at a time.


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