Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Columbus Day / Canadian Thanksgiving!

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I've even offered a copy of Microsoft Outlook to some of my Canadian friends so they can keep their holidays straight!

I am grateful, however, to Canada for giving me an excuse to post a graphic more interesting than one of Christopher Columbus!


  1. Happy Columbus Day. I'm getting a kick out of hearing about how the revisionists are squawking that we shouldn't celebrate this day since Columbus "enslaved" the natives, when the natives had a distant history of enslaving each other. Hypocrites! I guess we should change the name of that city in Ohio too!

  2. I heard a new twist today. Not only did Chris Columbus bring disease to the New World, now they're saying he took venereal diseases back to the Old World.

    Way to go, Chris!

  3. Shoes? I didn't notice she was wearing shoes! Heh.


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