Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ron Paul on Iranian Diplomacy

The following is not an endorsement of Dr. Paul or his views. His domestic policies notwithstanding, his opinions on diplomacy do not represent the opinions of this blog.

(What Obama knew and when he knew it @ 1:31)

Remember how Obama was "Shocked. Shocked!!" to hear about Iran's second nuclear facility at Qom just after his "Rosy Scenario Let's All Hold Hands and Lay Down Our Nukes" speech at the UN? Iran doesn't need even a single nuclear facility to produce peaceful domestic energy, much less a second one.

According to Dr. Paul, the US has known about this "secret" facility since 2006 and Obama was briefed on it personally in November of last year, after the election. (See video @ 1:31)

Overlooking Paul's views on "neocons" and plots against Iranian diplomacy, it is interesting that rather than to rally the nations of the UN to deal with the real and growing nuclear problem in Iran, Obama chose to focus on an imaginary world without nukes, where we all presumably sit around the campfire and sing Kum-bay-yah! And he certainly knew about what Iran was doing well in advance of his speech!

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