Sunday, November 29, 2009

Not "Death" Panels, Carbon Footprint Panels!

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No Mark Steyns were harmed or consulted in the making of this commentary.

The inimitable Mark Steyn has been noting a "convergence" between health care and the environment. And he joked earlier that Ed Begley Jr. and Bill Nye, vying to lower their "carbon footprints" could more easily accomplish that with pistols at dawn.
I don't think he carried the analogy far enough. What better way to accomplish both goals of providing health care for everyone (who meets government guidelines) and preserving the environment by lowering humanity's carbon footprint than with "carbon footprint" panels?
The government could evaluate not only the quality of life the elderly and infirm might enjoy, but also the impact of their carbon footprint upon the environment!

Save the health care costs, save the planet! A two-fer!

Maybe if there were just fewer Marxists, Socialists and Global Warmists in this administration, I wouldn't have this recurrent feeling that Soylent Green was a documentary!

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