Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Today is Veteran's Day

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Be sure to remember our Vets today. Never forget that it was their sacrifice that gave you your freedom.


  1. Amen bro.

    Almost posted something similar on the readers side at SAB, Thanking guys like 2H9 and Greg in Al, etc. for their work. Only reason I didn't is, well you know how I am, I'd have to take it a little too far and also thank guys like Dino, RBB, and that guy who wishes he was you whose name I can't remember but it rhymes with insanity, for making our country (and military personnel) more safe by having not ever served.

  2. Spartacus: You should write according to your passion. If you're feeling it, damn the trolls, er, torpedoes! Full speed ahead!


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