Saturday, January 30, 2010

D'oh-lbermann Loses Critical Demographic

The word of the day is "Schadenfreude"!
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...and getting worser!

According to Daily Finance:

Ratings for Olbermann's Countdown have been soft recently, and the 8 p.m. shows on CNN and HLN have narrowed the gap. In the important demographic of adults 25 to 54 -- the group advertisers are looking to reach -- Countdown was down 44% year-over-year in January. It averaged 268,000 viewers in that demo, only 3,000 more than Nancy Grace's show on HLN, and 12,000 more than CNN's Campbell Brown. Fox News's O'Reilly Factor dominated the hour with 964,000 viewers age 25 to 54, and was the only cable news show in the time period to increase its audience, by 55%.

So, Bill O'Reilly, whom the liberals hate, increased his audience 55% in the 25 to 54 demographic, to a size nearly four times that of the junk yard dog D'oh-lbermann, while D'oh-lbermann's audience dropped like sub zero temperatures at an Al Gore global warming conference? Sweet!

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  1. Apparently Keith is getting kicked in the "ass-old-mann" and thats quite a sight! And what about that Beck guy coming in second only to Oprah in the Harris Poll.

  2. That Beck guy is laughing all the way to the bank!
    D'oh-lbermann may be crying all the way to the soup kitchen!


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