Sunday, February 14, 2010

Amy Bishop's "Accidental" shooting - Three Shots From a Pump Shotgun

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Holy Cow! Incompetence or political considerations had to be responsible for Amy Bishop not being charged in her brother's death.

Frazier, who was a Braintree officer in 1986, said Bishop fired three shots: one that hit a wall, one that killed her brother, and a third into the ceiling as she fled their Hollis Avenue home on foot. Bishop also pointed the pump-action gun at a passing vehicle in an apparent attempt to get the driver to stop before she was captured by police behind a business on nearby Washington Street, according to Frazier, who said his account came from one of the officers who responded

How in the world do you "accidentally" shoot someone three times with a pump shotgun? For the uninitiated, you must "pump" or rack the slide for every shot. No way this was "accidental".
Perhaps the next of kin of the UA victims would like to sue the former DA and the state of Massachusetts for their complicity in the wrongful deaths of their loved ones?

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Update: Also for the uninitiated: A twelve gauge shotgun produces quite a bit of recoil. If she were not bracing the gun, it likely would have flown out of her hands after the first shot. Plus, the noise is excessive.
Three twelve gauge rounds from a pump shotgun is no accident.

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