Saturday, February 20, 2010

Boob Watchers

In our never ending attempt to keep you abreast of the news...

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Melbourne, February 18: In a new survey, nearly half of British men confessed that they look at a woman’s breasts before they look at her face.British cosmetic surgery giants Transform interviewed 3000 women and 1000 men, and the results revealed a number of eye-opening truths about the UK’s attitudes to breasts in the 21st Century, reports the ‘Courier Mail’. Four in ten men quizzed admitted they looked at women’s breasts at least 10 times every day, while nine in 10 women admitted to checking out their rivals’ assets several times a day.

Eric over at Vocal Minority quipped that "The other half were either lying or gay."

H/T Vocal Minority


  1. Yep, but staring at Pamela's may not be so much infatuation but rather wondering how severe the collateral damage will be if those things burst!

  2. It's like they told little Ralphie:
    Be careful, or you'll put your eye out with that!