Saturday, February 13, 2010

Di Fi Caught With Crib Notes on Hand

Remember that tempest in a teapot over Sarah Palin using a few notes written on her hand to give a speech? Here's Dianne Feinstein actually breaking the rules of a senate race debate with more of the same:

Listen for the deafening silence from the Left in 3-2-1...

H/T Legal Insurrection


  1. Heck, we've all written a note or two on our palms, I see nothing wrong here. There is a vast difference between a few words scratched on the palm and thousands put on a TOTUS. Reading speeches is just fine, but when one appears lost without the aid of a teleprompter then I see a problem. Crib notes bring back memories from my college days---just a little cheating on my part, but it did happen. Bet Barack did a lot back then! But then we will never know---has anyone seen his records from those days yet?

  2. You're right, of course. Speaking extemporaneously from a few notes is a far cry from reading a carefully prepared script.
    But, as I often say of the liberals, "If it weren't for false equivalences they'd have none at all!"