Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mile High Punch Buggies

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One of the small pleasures of frequent travel, is to be able to drive a wide variety of different cars courtesy of XYZ Rental Company (name changed to protect the innocent).

Today, I selected a new VW beetle, just because I'd never driven one and just felt like it. Not a bad little car. Plenty of get up and go. Plus, for those of you familiar with the game of "Slug Bug" (or more quaintly "Punch Buggies"), I had the perverse pleasure of being for once, the source of sore shoulders all around the greater Denver area! Heh.


  1. Take a look under the hood. Does Porsche still make most of components that go into their engines?

  2. Spartacus: I'm thinking it was Keebler elves. Please don't destroy my illusions!

  3. Like many things, Proof, look and feel can be deceiving. I bought a Volkswagen Cabrio convertible (I was stupid and thought it was cute and thought thus that I would be cute driving it. Ugh) and I'll never buy a Volkswagen again. My favorite was when the head lights both went out at the same time and I couldn't just change the bulbs. I had to take it to the dealer to replace the whole light, both of them, at the same time.

  4. Yeah. I don't think I'd ever buy one, but variety is the spice of life!
    When the New Beetle was first introduced, I thought I saw an unusually high percentage of new cars going around with only one headlight.
    I figured it must have been some kind of factory defect.
    (And BTW, you did look cute driving it!) Heh.

  5. K! I won't shatter illusions. But next time you might just want a '60 Caddy when in Denver, or at least when trying to "get outta Denver", or so Bob Seger says...

  6. Is that Bob Seger in Denver, or Bob Denver in Seger?


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