Thursday, April 22, 2010

Liberal "Change"

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One thing I have been noticing of late, is the type of "change" that liberals seem to be fondest of when debating the shortcomings of their ideology: Change the subject!

I wrote a piece recently about the hypocrisy of the pseudo-"Green" (blue) environmental screed Avatar being released on "Earth Day", that shipping tons of plastic coast to coast and encouraging people to curl up in front of the big screen plasma TV and consume electricity prodigiously was not very "green".

Movies are released on DVD all the time, no problem there. Just hyping it as some sort of "green" statement, when the only green Cameron really cares about is in the cash registers, was hypocritical.

A number of liberal commenters took me to task, about whether I liked the movie, whether I had seen it in 3D or whether my objections were purely partisan, all irrelevant to the point. They discussed everything BUT whether or not the message of releasing a zillion DVDs on Earth Day was "green".

Thread hijacking is another common lib technique. If they do not want a discussion to succeed, they say something outrageous and divert the discussion to something else. Generally racism. Sometimes homosexuality. Anything but the topics that expose them for who they truly are.

That's one of the reasons they want to brand the Tea Partys as "racist". All the tea parties I've attended, no one gave a flying fling at a rolling dough nut what color any of the politicians were, they cared about whether or not they were adhering to the Constitution.

If the liberals can divert the Tea Partys from defending the Constitution to defending themselves against false and malicious charges of "racism", then the liberals don't have to defend their un-Constitutional actions, laws or speech.

Don't let yourself be distracted or derailed. If a liberal wants to change the subject. Change it back!

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Update: There are a number of other ways liberals lie to change the subject. One is the straw man. Recently in a McPaper I picked up on the road, there was a letter to the editor saying that if Tea Partiers didn't want to pay taxes, that they shouldn't receive any services.
"We would soon see how long the Tea Party would survive in its own tax-free world"

Only no one in the "Tea Party" that I've ever hear is advocating paying no taxes at all. The objections I hear are for ever increasing taxes to fund extra-Constitutional things while not dealing with inefficiency, waste and corruption.
So by distorting the message of "Taxes are too high" into "We don't want to pay any taxes at all, is a reductio ad absurdum, a reduction to the absurd, they create the "straw man" so weak that even a liberal could knock it down!


  1. I've noticed the same thing when I've tried to discuss specific topics with liberals. When you make a point, they quickly come out with "Well what about that Republican that did this?" which is usually always a diversion from the original topic. Also they have a hard time debating in the abstract.

    Anyone who uses those tactics either can't win the argument on merit or can't think critically to begin with.


  2. I first noticed this a few years back. I would argue with a certain liberal, whose name will be withheld to insure peace this next Thanksgiving, and he would bring up some talking point, and before I could start to knowledgeably disassemble his point, he would jump to another.

    Again, we need to change the subject back whenever these slippery guys want to talk politics.


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