Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy Alpha Proxima Day!

Happy Alpha Proxima Day! Soylent Green's* counter to "Earth Hour".

...time again to turn on every available light and appliance in your home, barn, garage, workplace and automobile, in an effort to outshine the other two stars in the trinary system. And remember, due to added carbon output, portable generators, and idling road graders, pavers and bulldozers win extra Algore Points based on horsepower and time spent on line. Bonfires will also be awarded Algore Points based on size and the toxicity of fuel.

Light 'em up, people! "if it can’t be seen from space, you’re doing it wrong."


*is people, or at least, a person.


  1. I will win the brightest, carbon producing house on my block....Again!

  2. I'm instructing Commissioner Gordon to leave the Bat signal on all night, because I don't have "call waiting".

  3. Randy: I get glowing reports about you!