Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan's Face of Grief

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Pictures can speak so much louder than words. This is the face of the tragedy in Japan. This is why it's much too soon to make jokes.

HEARTBROKEN Yoshie Murakami cries in anguish as she holds her dead mum’s hand after her body was found in the rubble.

After five agonising days of searching, the pensioner’s corpse was discovered yesterday in the ruins of her destroyed home.

Yoshie broke down in the tsunami-hit city of Rikuzentakata as she said her goodbyes – and is now praying her missing 23-year-old daughter will be found alive.

Similar scenes took place across north eastern Japan again yesterday, with TV stations saying the total number of dead or missing stood at almost 15,000.

Police said the official death toll had reached 4,314 with a further 8,606 people missing.

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