Friday, March 25, 2011

"Kinetic Military Action" (KMA)

Just when you think this administration couldn't become more shallow or disingenuous, they come up with something new!

"Kinetic Military Action"... is that like WTF, stands for "Wining the future" with this administration?
Because KMA also stands for "Kiss My *ss". Sounds about like the Obama administration's concern for taxpayers and voters.

This is the way a liberal commits an act of war, when he doesn't have enough spine to stand up for what he's done.


  1. Hasn't "KMA" been his modus opperandi since he was sworn into office? Only to be emphasized when he told McCain to his face "I won"? So what happens in '12 when he doesn't win? I certainly hope Chris matthews takes a MSNBC live feed crew to Chicago in '13 to record McCain telling Obama that "Obama care has been repealled, we won, suck it b!tch! Your legacy consists of accomplishing absolutely nothing. Congratulations, you've made Jimmy Carter appear to be a sevant!"

  2. ^ claiming my due bonus points for using Jimmy Carter and "savant" in the same sentence without using the word "idiot", even though I hastily fat fingered and misspelled it in it's original use!

  3. Is it any wonder Hillary looks 20 years older after only 2 years while vacation boy appears no worse for wear? Hillary wanted the job Obama was elected to do, she got it defacto. And actually considering the Obama muddling in the works, she's doing a reasonably decent job, internationally, all things (Obama) considered. No foriegn dignitaries really want to speak to Obama, they want to yack with Hillary. Which says even stupid foriegners know who's really capable of accomplishing things. Certainly not the jug eared figure head the Kos Kollege Kids foisted upon us.

  4. Extra points, indeed! And spot on about Hillary. Every press conference makes her appear to be de facto president, every time the Voting Present President is off on vacation, or golfing or playing soccer.

    Barry strikes me as doing the sort of things you'd send the VP off to do, to keep him out of the way of the real business of the nation.