Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Little Sprinkling of Civility Anyone?

by guest blogger Andrew Roman

If I’m not mistaken – and I don’t think I am – wasn’t it America’s ever-caring, people-loving leftists that rebuked conservatives for their incendiary choices in violence-provoking language not too long ago? Wasn’t there a period of time following the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords when the save-the-world-from-everything libs went moonbatty over what they deemed as frighteningly provocative fighting words by the thirsting-for-violence-at-all-costs rightists - words such as “targeting”? Didn't they bust a collective pimple and demand conservatives hold themselves to a higher standard of civility over aggression-fueling images such as crosshairs on a political map? (And wasn't the lamestream media right there to help the left carry the load?)

Remember when South Carolina Congressman James Clayburn said that the "vitriol has gotten so elevated that people feel emboldened"?

I didn't understand what he meant when he originally said it, and I still don't.

"Emboldened" to do what?

Was America "emboldened" and pushed toward violent extremes when Barack Obama himself told people to go out and get in their neighbors' faces during the '08 campaign season?

Was America pushed toward upheaval and lawlessness when Republican opposition to ObamaCare was likened to that of Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels by Democrat Steve Cohen on the House Floor in January?

When Democrat Massachusetts Congressman Michael Capuano said to Wisconsin protestors that it sometimes becomes necessary to take to the streets and "get a little bloody," did anyone on the left bat a lash or denounce his incivility?

Just two nights ago, a Republican office in Washington, D.C. had its windows shot out to very little news coverage. Police are still searching for the culprits. Certainly, I am not suggesting that liberals were responsible for the act, but imagine for a moment it was a Democrat Party office, or a planned Planned Parenthood office.
By definition, conservatives want less government intrusion in American lives; yet libs love to attach the word "fascists" to us small-government/big-individual types, which is, frankly as wrong as it is dumb.

And how do lefties reconcile such inherent contradictions?

They don't.

They simply find ways of infusing an "ism" or a "phobe" into the dialogue, and the discussion ends.

After all, if they say I am a racist, or I hate gays, or I am an Islamaphobe, it must be true.

Ironically, those who have openly advocated for distributing wealth to the "underclass" (President Obama, for instance) somehow find definitional labels such as "Marxist" and "socialist" distasteful and uncivil; yet, quite literally, that is what their big-government policies are pushing toward.

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker
So where exactly is the outrage – the uproar – over Time magazine’s article this past weekend about Wisconsin’s embattled union-busting governor Scott Walker, cleverly titled: “Wisconsin's Governor Wins, but Is He Now Dead Man Walker?"

That's some title.

"Dead Man Walker"?

Not exactly a dose of fuzzy cuddles and squishy hugs, is it?

Not exactly the picture of civility and graciousness, is it?

Did the article's author forget the chords to Kumbaya?

When Giffords was shot by a scum-sucking perpetrator of evil, cries for civility rang out from America's loudest liberal mouthpieces almost instantaneously, aimed primarily at Constitution-happy, gun-loving purveyors of angry right-wing talk radio (to paraphrase the left). They want us to believe that the country is heading down a path of brutality and hostility unseen in all of human history, thanks in large part to America's class of livid white men who want their weapons left alone and the right to beat their wives preserved.

It was all to be expected.

Liberals are painfully predictable, if nothing else.

But who really are the uncivil ones?

What of the greedy, protesting Wisconsin teachers and union thugs who threatened Republicans with death for voting against the interests of the union juggernaut? Where were those headlines? And what about the self-absorbed idiots who effectively shut down state house business in Madison by setting up shop at the capital building? Is that what free speech was supposed to be about? Forcing legislators to enter the building through windows? Disrupting official state business?

Remember, because the news from Wisconsin was brought to us through the lamestream media filter, none of the actions by the spoiled-brat protesting class were ever presented as particularly provocative or controversial. None of the union-thuggery and ugliness were ever reported as being inflammatory or offensive. What happened in Wisconsin, according to the alphabets, was simply a matter of hard-working middle-class folks protecting their "rights" while exercising their constitutional freedoms.

Yet, Tea Parties rallies were almost always portrayed as hostile gatherings of angry right-wing racists and bigots, even though no evidence has ever been presented to verify these claims. Someone somewhere thought they heard a racist remark being uttered by someone at some rally somewhere .... something like that.

It's just another example of how the rules differ depending on what side of the aisle your seat is on.

For instance, when Democrats shove a massive two-thousand-plus page health-care bill through Congress on Christmas Eve that no one has been afforded the opportunity to read and scrutinize - a bill that will effectively change the nature of the greatest health care delivery system the world has ever known - it is called “doing the job they were elected to do” … but when Republicans (elected by the people) pass a budget-curtailing, state-saving bill in Wisconsin - one that doesn’t accommodate the goals of the ever-ravenous teachers unions - it all of a sudden becomes the “nuclear option.”

If Wisconsin had a dollar for every reference to Hitler, fascism and totalitarianism that had been seen at the Madison protests, the state would be so far in the black, they could actually pay the unions exactly what they are demanding and have enough left over to pay six hundred illegal aliens to cleanup the area in and around the state capital. (Liberals are extraordinarily messy when they get together to moan and groan).

(You'll recall that during the height of the Tea Party rallies, the "Obama As Hitler" signs that were showing up - reflexively blamed on bitter racist righties - were actually being supplied by lefty Lyndon LaRouche).

And why is it that the unions and teachers are not considered money-grubbing greedy bastards when they demand more of their fellow taxpayer dollars, but conservatives are labeled as greedy when they try to solicit more hard-earned dollars from citizens through competition in the marketplace?

How does that work?

In short, what the protesting teachers of Wisconsin were saying was: “To hell with my fellow citizens who pay taxes. I don’t care if the state is bankrupt, I want what I want and I’m going to make noise and disrupt things until I get it.”

How is this an inaccurate depiction?

Who exactly needs the lesson in civility?

With the abundance of hypocrisy and contradiction that underscores today's lamestream media coverage of the news, it was actually good to see that the fourth estate was all over the fact that President Bush found time to squeeze in yet another round of golf (his sixty-first golf outing since being anointed). He even worked in a few minutes to appear on ESPN for a little college basketball talk. Meanwhile, deficits continue to explode, Japan attempts to recover from a catostrophic earthquake and Libya's Muammar Gaddafi continues his brutal assault on protesters and civilians. On top of that, the country remains at war.

Surely the press has something to say about the President playing golf while Americans serve in harm's way.

Ooops... did I say Bush?



  1. Outstanding post! The left, the media and all of the union thugs are doing exactly what Obummer has instructed them to do. Shameless creatures all of them.

  2. Spot on, as usual, Mr. Roman. Spot on!