Monday, March 21, 2011

Our Poor Overburdened Teachers!*

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Are you familiar with the old wives' tale that teachers only work nine months a year? Totally not true! At least not in Oshkosh, Wisconsin! There they have 90 days of sick leave, so they only have to work six months a year!

This is what the Walker reforms look like in practice. One dazzling detail: up until now Oshkosh teachers got 90 sick days a year.
...Teachers would no longer receive 90 sick days per year. Instead, they would receive 10 sick days per year that could accumulate up to 90 days. Unused days would not be paid back.

This is not to say that every teacher abuses the system. But the system itself is rife with opportunities for abuse! Can you imagine any profession, other than perhaps, entertainment, where people receive an annual salary for a half a year's work? And what about the expense and harm to the quality of education (stop laughing!) when substitutes have to replace those who are out "sick" for as many as three months?

Public service contracts of every stripe need to be reexamined so that the taxpayer does not end up perpetually making Cadillac payments for Yugo services.

*Yeah. Right!

H/T Gateway Pundit


  1. The claim is a lie, it is 10 days a year that can roll over, not 90 days to start.

  2. Since you claim to be NC Yippie and not WI Yippie, perhaps you can share with Charlie Syke and Adam Rodewald (and the rest of the class) and show them the errors of their ways?
    You should be able to get them to print retractions if they were in error. Please send links.


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