Sunday, May 1, 2011

Breaking News: Osama bin Laden confirmed Dead (video)

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The "burial at sea" report is disturbing. The Obama administration had better have obtained irrefutable evidence of bin Laden's death, or they face a chorus of "deathers" to go along with the "birthers".

Live feed here.

Killed by an American bomb last week?

Update: Killed inside Pakistan. The US is in possession of the body, which has been reportedly identified by familial DNA.

UpdateII: Obama had been scheduled to address the nation 10:30 Eastern time. (7:30 PDT) Expected to speak soon.

UpdateIII: Heightened security is being urged worldwide in the aftermath of this announcement.

UpdateIV: Senior Pakistani officials have confirmed bin Laden's death.

UpdateV: Reports of ground action rather than missile or bomb are filtering in. Breaking.

UpdateVI: Obama's remarks predicted in the next five to ten minutes. 11:40 Eastern, 8:40 PDT.

UpdateVII: Obama has begun his remarks

UpdateVIII: Obama personally ordered the ground attack on bin Laden

UpdateIX: Obama took a somber tone, laying out the reasons for the action.

UpdateX: George W. Bush issued a statement:
Earlier this evening, President Obama called to inform me that American forces killed Osama bin Laden, the leader of the al Qaeda network that attacked America on September 11, 2001. I congratulated him and the men and women of our military and intelligence communities who devoted their lives to this mission. They have our everlasting gratitude. This momentous achievement marks a victory for America, for people who seek peace around the world, and for all those who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001. The fight against terror goes on, but tonight America has sent an unmistakable message: No matter how long it takes, justice will be done

“I imagine we will see proof. I can’t concede the US president would go out to make a statement to the world that bin Laden is dead without being able to produce evidence that he is dead."

-Sir Christopher Meyer, former British ambassador to the US


  1. Slipped off your meds again, anonymous? Pity.

  2. There's no proof that all of this isn't an act. Our government is highly deceptive to it's own people in ways most people just don't want to accept because of their patriotism. When you accept the reality of it: Obama is a liar, and our government is not run on the constitution or by the people. Osama Bin Laden may very well be a fictional character, putting a face on 9/11 for our government to have a reason to invade Afghanistan, where, haha oh boy, they raped the countries there of all their oil.

  3. I accept that Obama will and does lie to the American people. But, bin Laden was a very real person. And now he's dead.

    "they raped the countries there of all their oil."

    You're the one calling yourself loco. I appreciate truth in advertising.

  4. Either way, Osama is likely just a tool in a greater plot. His death is to bring support back to the "war" going on.

    Why don't ya live up to yours and show some Proof that Osama's really dead at all ;)

  5. Need more than just an announcement from Obango Bingo, He just wants to take credit for said operation claiming he gave the order to engage. Where is the body of Bin Laden?

  6. There's a punchline to an old joke, it goes: "Patience, donkey, patience!"

    Anyone who can say, "Osama Bin Laden may very well be a fictional character", with a presumably straight face is hardly one to believe any evidence I could possibly show him.

    Bad news, another fictional character, Superman, is planning on renouncing his US citizenship.

    Let me know if you ever want to visit us here in reality. I can probably get you a visa!

  7. Anonymous: You might want to exhibit a bit of patience as well. Obama would not make this announcement if he didn't have evidence. Yes, he is probably taking more credit for it than he should, but if he gave the order to take him out, then credit where credit is due!

  8. What's this BS about them dumping the body at sea? We want to see it - we want proof that he is dead!

  9. I just heard that just now. If this is true, I hope they have some serious evidence to bring back with them, otherwise people are going to think that Osama is buried alongside Barry's birth certificate.

  10. They had better show some evidence. Those last videos they showed of "Osama" talking were proven to be fake. I want to see the body. I want to see his face. I want to see his beard. And it had better not have any black in it, because that would prove it's not him. It is against their religion to color their hair or beard. The real Osama has an all gray and white beard; possibly all white by now. He is widely known for his seriousness about the religion. There is no possible way it's him if his beard has black in it. They messed up with that last time. They either missed that detail before just believing it was him, or lied to us all. There is no other option. We, as American citizens, deserve real evidence. We have a right to ask for and get it. Many of us are highly intelligent and not easily fooled.

  11. Rest assured the photos will be released! A big Hooah to our troops!

  12. The photos released have been proven to be photoshopped, and quite badly at that. "body buried at sea". Yeah, I call bullshit. Osama isn't dead, or has been dead for years, and Obama is just trying to ensure presidency for the next 4 years

  13. obama says Osama is not a muslim but a muslim killer and then insists on burying him within 24 hours? no proof he even exists? Am I the only one thinking wtf

  14. Bullshit... Buried at sea... Don't piss on my shoes and tell me it's raining!!

    Just try to remember saddam plenty of video on that everyday until he died!!!

    Did we bury him at sea after being hanged????

    I'm calling BULLSHIT!!!!!!

    Worst terror attack in USA history but hey make sure we give him a propper Islamic burial...

    Do I say I'm calling BULLSHIT!!!!!!

    Hurry up with the photoshop!!! I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way..

  15. bad photos, horrible reporting, and leaders that think that all americans are stupid. If this were true and accurate story the real pics would be everywhere. So no I don't believe what our Government is saying about this. The worst terrorist attacks in the USA ever and CNN only has a small article about it? We want irrefutable proof. If we don't get it then it just proves that we get no credit for our education. Watch as the US government becomes a censored media state. You news people think we are stupid and ignorant, where the hell is the proof!!!!!

  16. I won't believe he's dead til they can prove it!! How are they going to say he's dead but bury him at sea. That's bull!!!

  17. ya im with u guys i believe tht he was not killed and its all bs. the stories tht ive read cant even seem to get the battle straight so until i see pics of him then i wont believe it. as americans we should be able to have proof because tht fucker killed our ppl. obama thinks hes a great man because of this but the truth is hes not. he needs to b out of office, he just wants to b re-elected for another 4 yrs. its all bullshit. why should we believe obama, hes only screwed us over so far?? our ppl didnt even get a proper burial when they died in the 9/11 attacks so y should he get one?? none of this is right!! WE NEED PROOF OBAMA, U ARENT FOOLING US THIS TIME!!

  18. Ok....we never landed on the moon, Elvis IS indeed alive and Osama Bin-laden is not real...listen to all sound quite ridiculous. Real or fake makes no difference in the eyes of the beholder. Our country is in dire need of unity and if all that is gained by this presentation from our president...well done. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe that Osama deserved any resemblance of a "respectable" burial, all know we don't "approve" of everything our government does. To each his/her own, and believe what you want...just don't be ignorant about it.

  19. I see a lot of sarcasm and skepticism. Duly noted. I'll admit that, if the "burial at sea" report is correct, that the skepticism level of most reasonable people will rise.

    I do find it a little hard to believe that having just weathered a different controversy, where many people doubt his veracity, he would willingly ignite another can of worms and roll it under the American bus (to mix a metaphor or two!).

    Under that scenario, he would have to cynically be claiming credit for something he did not do, which conspiracy would have to include a number of US Special Forces, a group that is not easily coerced, all so that he could stigmatize and perhaps silence a portion of his opposition, perhaps by branding them "deathers"?

    At this point, I will keep my powder dry and wait and see what evidence the government will provide, in lieu of bin Laden's body.

  20. "Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear." A bloody matress and a presidential adress, is not enough for me to accually believe that the most notorious criminal in the world has been shot to death by The United States Navy Seals special forces. If it was such an flawless mission why didnt they kill him a long time ago? Reports of Bin Laden "hiding" out in Pakistan have been swirling around for years now.. I would be willing to bet that most freedom loving Americans would want to spit in the face of a "dead" Bin Laden. Not "bury" him at sea.

  21. Just a question for the moon man...

    How did they get DNA results back within the time they buried him at sea????

    There was a person tweeting about a helicopter being in the same area at the same time this raid was put into action... So check the time he saw the helicopter to the time he was "buried at sea" DNA results must have been verified within minutes...

    Only person I know that can get DNA results back that quick is steve wilkos... LMFAO

    Did Osama exist??? Sure with no doubt...

    But lets check mr. Obamas approval rating today as opposed to yesterday...

    BS... Yes we need to unify the USA but anyone that has any education would see this for what it is....

    This will go down with watergate president kenedy...

    So with that said I'm still calling BS...

    Let's hear and see the truth!!!!

  22. none of this war ect. would have happened if baby busch was not trying to clean up his fathers screw up in the gulf war.

  23. So many anonymooses so little time! "none of this war ect. (sic) would have happened..." That may be possibly the stupidest thing anyone has said since the original Obama campaign! (Or any of its defense)

    "How did they get DNA results back within the time". I don't know that they did. That was one of the initial reports along with the "bomb or missile" that took him out, that proved to be "less than operative" to quote the liberals.

  24. Obama, you're not getting my vote just by saying Bin Laden is dead. To make a statement like that, you have to produce solid evidence. I didn't go to school just to be called a stupid idiot. I'm still telling all my friends, family, and co-workers not to vote for you in 2012.

  25. I think if it was primarily a re-election ploy, it would have been closer to election day.

  26. In case the last cowardly potty mouth can't read, have an adult read this to you:

    "Commenting here is a privilege, not a right. Disagreement is welcome, even encouraged, but spam, unduly profane, or offensive speech is subject to removal by the staff, management, editor and publisher of this blog."

    Then, buy a clue.

  27. Shall I say I told you so, Proof? lol

    haha, I'm just kiddin, but I mean come on. I was right about this being totally deceptive, typical government cover-up bullcrap

  28. You can. Right now it carries as much weight as the administration. Story ain't over yet.

  29. If people want proof of Osama as him to rise.
    I could be Osama making this comment.

  30. Nah. Osama always signs his work. But in case you see a Predator drone outside your window, duck!

  31. Here is a report from the news that he died in 2001... can you die twice?,2933,41576,00.html

  32. "can you die twice?"

    As Mark Twain famously said on one occasion, "The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated."

  33. August 31 2011.

    Proof. Where is it?

  34. I'm afraid that any conclusive evidence is down in Davy Jones' locker.

    Obama may think he gets better polling from castigating "conspiracy theorists" than he ever could by running on his record.

  35. It;s all BS,osama aint dead.If he was killed,it would be like a trophy and would be shown off to the world that we did infact get him.But to say we did and then burry him that quick should raise some RED flags!! Someone is lying!!Also is the fact you cant get a DNA done in just a few hours.I am a former MARINE,a tunnel rat to be precise,and I know when theirs a trick to be played,and our so called president just pulled one heck of a good one on the people of the USA!!

    1. It's really hard to believe anything coming out of this administration. And now we're saddled with it fr four more years.