Saturday, June 25, 2011

Border Security, Anyone?

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COPENHAGEN — Ten years ago, as Denmark joined the European Union’s visa-free open travel zone, the outraged Danish People’s Party bought a decommissioned border guardhouse, vowing that one day it would be in use again. Back then, most Danes dismissed the move as a colorful publicity stunt by the newly formed right-wing party.

But last month, the Danish People’s Party was doing a victory dance, offering to donate its picturesque brick guardhouse at the German border to the government. The party had achieved its goal: Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen had agreed to restore 24-hour customs control in exchange for support on a difficult budget package.

I wonder if maybe the Republican party ought not to purchase some real estate along our southern border? Not only could they fence it and defend it as they choose, but it could give them standing in suing the government to do something about our lax southern border policies.

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