Sunday, June 12, 2011

Harold Camping Suffers Stroke

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ALAMEDA -- Harold Camping, the Doomsday radio preacher who sparked international media attention by predicting the end of the world last month, has been hospitalized after suffering a stroke at his Alameda home Thursday night.

The 89-year-old radio evangelist and president of the Oakland nonprofit Family Radio was taken by ambulance from his house Thursday night, a neighbor said, but his well-known, gravelly voice that led many believers to donate millions of dollars to his cause may never be the same.

I would imagine Camping has been under a lot of stress since erroneously, and most would say foolishly, predicting the end of the world. Some of his followers sold everything they had, not believing they would be in need of their possessions after the end of the world. Logic, as always, is only as good as its presuppositions.

I met Harold Camping a number of years ago. I do not believe those who claim he did this for any kind of personal gain. I believe he was sincere and was sincerely wrong.
In matters of faith, sincerity is not enough. One may believe literally any number of things and be sincerely, completely, utterly wrong.

And some may now, in light of the unintentional damage and pain he's caused so many people, rejoice in his illness. I do not. I just feel sorry for him.

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